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No I can't believe I'm seeing medmania not on i grew up on this server
Dang RIP lmao
Any plans to put the server back up? Would hate to see a place with such good memories and people good away UwU
Hey Long time no see :)
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News & Updates

As many of you have now realised, when i updated the server to v1.10 i removed the ability to fly in The End, EndCity and Nether worlds to make it a little more rewarding + challenging for you.

Well good news guys. I have added a new plugin called GrapplingHook that will make things a little more interesting and fun for you to get around in those worlds.

You can craft these new tools yourselves and depending on what materials you use determines how many uses you get out of them. Below you will find the recipes and the uses you will get from them.

  wood: 5
  stone: 10
  iron: 25
  gold: 50
  diamond: 100


Enjoy the plugin guys and have fun....

Our thanks go out to SnowGears for making this great plugin.

Today the donation store for the server has seen a significant change. Donation ranks and pets no longer cost money to buy, instead Vote points are required to acquire these ranks and pets.

This change has been made to help tackle a few issues with the donation store that existed previously. These issues being the fact the price of ranks would not decrease (dollars) when vote points were used to purchase the lower level ranks and vice versa. To be a little clearer on the issue, if I bought Iron rank for 100 vote points, the price of gold would still remain as $20 as it would not take the purchasing of Iron into consideration. The new system will stop this from being the case. This helps result in the store being much easier to use, as well as brings even greater value to vote points. No longer will excess vote points be useless.

As a result of all items now using a single currency (vote points), I have created a series of point packs which can be purchased for real life money. Fear not as prices still remain the same, for example Iron still costs 100 points. A 100 point pack costs $10.

If any problems are found with the new system, please let me know and I will attempt to fix them as soon as possible!

Server Updates

_Darien a posted Jan 9, 16

There have been some changes to the server recently. These changes include new Job features, the reintroduction of Clans, changes to the vote chest and finally new uses for your Vote Emeralds!

You can get a full list of all the new features and changes in detail by clicking this link:

For now, I am going to show you a sneak peak of the new Vote Emerald Shop

Over the past few months a few players have been asking me about the ability to blast mine. So on that bombshell (excuse the punn), I have decided to set one of the worlds to allow TNT block damage.

You can get to this new and exciting world by the following warp /warp athenaland

If you decide you wish to live in this new world, Then please make sure you ask a staff member to flag your protected region with the tnt deny flag otherwise your stuff will be blown to bits MWAHAHAHAHAHAAaAAaaa.

Have fun guys and good luck in the new world


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M3DDLER   added 30 Advanced days to MedMania
M3DDLER   added 30 Advanced days to MedMania
M3DDLER   added 30 Advanced days to MedMania
M3DDLER   added 30 Advanced days to MedMania
M3DDLER   added 30 Advanced days to MedMania
M3DDLER   added 30 Advanced days to MedMania
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